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Sqlstate 08001 Error 17


This kept giving me the "Oracle ORA-12154: TNS: Could not..." error. Password:*Forgot your password?Change your password Keep me signed in. In the past versions like this was no big deal as you could always login with your username and password using /interop to login directly to Shared Services. Has anyone seen this error? his comment is here

Display the contents of the label SVL224ServerCAC to verify that everything is fine.RACDCERT CERTAUTH LIST(LABEL('SVL224ServerCAC'))Output (your certificate ID, serial number, and date/time stamps will vary) Label: SVL224ServerCAC Certificate ID: 2QiJmZmDhZmjgeLl0/Ly9OKFmaWFmcPBw0BA Status: SQLSTATEs provide detailed information about the cause of a warning or error. Display the contents of the label SVL224ServerCAC to verify that everything is fine.RACDCERT CERTAUTH LIST(LABEL('SVL224ServerCAC'))Output (your certificate ID, serial number, and date/timestamps will vary) Label: SVL224ServerCAC Certificate ID: 2QiJmZmDhZmjgeLl0/Ly9OKFmaWFmcPBw0BA Status: TRUST Configuration error scenarios and solutionsScenario 1.

Sqlstate 08001 Error 17

Using this certificate, TCP/IP with SSL connections will succeed to IBM DashDB and SQLDB services because this is the default certificate used by them.If the user specifies the keystoredb through SSLClientKeystoredb I can preview the data from the load rule; but could not load data. This seemed pretty easy, I just accessed Workspace directly rather than going through the SSO enabled web server. Workaround Notes Attachment Disclaimer The origins of the information on this site may be internal or external to Progress Software Corporation ("Progress").

  • This string takes one of two forms:For errors and warnings that do not occur in a data source the format: [vendor-identifier][ODBC-component-identifier]component-supplied-text otherwise: [vendor-identifier][ODBC-component-identifier][data-source-identifer] data-source-supplied-text Example diagnostic messagesYou can use the message
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  • Only one certificate in a keystore is the default certificate.When the keystore resides in the file system:It is protected by a password to retrieve the private key and digital certificate for
  • SQLSTATE=HY000 cbErrorMsg : 216 SQLError: rc = 100 (SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND)Scenario 7.

For example, the following error message occurs when the value for SSLCLIENTLABEL is truncated.sqldriverconnect 1 0 "database=STLEC1;hostname=labec821.vmec.svl.ibm.com;port=448; SSLCLIENTLABEL=clntss;authentication=certificate;SSLClientKeystoredb= inec029.kdb;SSLClientKeystoreDBPassword=password;" -3 500 sql_driver_noprompt SQLDriverConnect: rc = -1 (SQL_ERROR) SQLError: rc = 0 To ease the method to use the SSL connections for IBM DashDB and SQLDB, DB2 CLI driver bundles this CA certificate in all the client packages. To have broader control over the certificate, a new db2dsdriver.cfg parameter 'SSLClientKeystoreDBPassword' (equivalently, 'SSLClientKeystoreDBPassword' keyword in db2cli.ini and a connection string) can be used. Sqlstate 01000 Sql Server Error 2 So, if 'SecurityTransportMode' is set to 'SSL' and 'Authentication' is set to 'CERTIFICATE', then you can achieve data encryption along with encrypted authentication.

ODBC Diagnostics & Error Status CodesContents Introduction ODBC Status Returns Obtaining Diagnostics Diagnostic Fields Example Diagnostic Messages Appendix A: ODBC Status Return Codes Appendix B: ODBC 2 to ODBC 3 SQLSTATE By clicking Submit, you agree to the developerWorks terms of use. This live demo will explore infrastructure topics using a virtual enviroment. https://community.oracle.com/thread/637886 SQLDriverConnect (......"DSN=DSN3;SSLClientKeystoreDBPassword=password;.......")The uppercase value 'CERTIFICATE' for the 'Authentication' attribute is used for illustration purpose.

Use the following commands to create a certificate name filter (CNF) and activate the certificate name by refresh command. Odbc Connection To Sql Server Failed What is referred to as "TCP/IP" is the scenario where a regular non-SSL connection is requested. Extract the certificate into a file name EC022.CLIENT1.SSCERTA.gsk8capicmd_64 -cert -extract -db inec029.kdb -pw password -label clntssl -target EC022.CLIENT1.SSCERTA -format ascii -fips FTP the client certificate to the server in ASCII mode. The two most commonly used methods are one-to-one certificate to user ID association and certificate name filtering.

Sql Server Error 17

Connect the self-signed client certificate to the server’s key ring.RACDCERT CONNECT(CERTAUTH LABEL('CLIENTSSC') RING(DB2KEYRING_SAMPLE) USAGE(CERTAUTH)) ID(SYSDSP) No output means that it was successful. Once a certificate is signed, it cannot be modified. Sqlstate 08001 Error 17 I am on a project that is using oracle (which I rarely use) I need to create an ODBC connection so I can access the some data via MS Access I Odbc Connection Failed Access Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) is probably the most well-known asymmetric algorithm.

Location where the error was detected: "". http://zeronews.net/sql-server/connection-failed-sqlstate-01000-sql-server-error-10060.html more hot questions question feed lang-sql about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Information in your profile (your name, country/region, and company name) is displayed to the public and will accompany any content you post, unless you opt to hide your company name. In both cases, when certificate-based authentication is involved, the server authenticates the client certificate by using TLS. Connection Failed Sqlstate 08001

Note that servicename_alias can be any name you want to use on the local system. Thanks! -------------- ERROR MESSAGE: Object [XXX] is locked by user [XXX] Connection String for [XXX] is generated SELECT Statement [SELECT * FROM D_Product] is generated ODBC Layer Error: [08001] ==> [[Microsoft][ODBC You must be logged in to score posts.Respond to this messageAuthorReplyKishore M203.91.207.30Use Merant DriversNo score for this postJune 10 2008,1:47 AMI had a similar issue a while back - and after weblink Message authentication and integrity: TLS/SSL uses other cryptographic methods, often based on hashing algorithms such as secure hash algorithms (SHA), to ensure that each message received over a secure connection originated

As part of the enhancement, a parameter is exposed to specify the SSL label to uniquely identify certificate within keystore db. Sqlstate 08001 Sql Server Error 2 Taking a step back, since all of this is actually wrapped into a Java Server container, one additional place for logs is the Windows service start log: D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\diagnostics\logs\services HyS9FinancialManagementJavaServer-sysout.log Here there It doesn't have a verbose option, so I used SysInternals procmon to figure out which registry settings and files it was reading. –osullivj Nov 17 '15 at 16:04 add a comment|

FTP> bin 200 Representation type is Image FTP> mget SVL224.CACERT 200 Representation type is Image mget SVL224.CACERT?

However, once SSO was enabled I realized that I had not prior to enabling set my SSO user account with admin access in Hyperion. When SQLExecute is called the statement is acted upon but the driver might change the cursor type to something else. This filter will be used during the SSL handshake to determine which z/OS user ID is associated with the client certificate.RACDCERT MAP ID(USRT001) SDNFILTER('CN=hotelfvt07.torolab.ibm.com.OU=fvt.O=ibm.C=ca') WITHLABEL('IBMers') TRUST SETROPTS RACLIST(DIGTNMAP) REFRESHComplete step 16 Sql Server Error 14 Here we get the error: EPMHFM-66054: The system was unable to find the Datasource process for application.

Command-line interface (CLI), command line processors (CLP), and .Net Data Provider client applications and applications that use the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ (type 4 connections) also support Creating the certificates directly on the clients and serversThe following steps were verified by using the GSKit version on the client and RACF, along with DB2 for z/OS 10.01.0005 on so I created a new directory named C:App\Toad then reinstalled in it to connect Toad to Oracle. http://zeronews.net/sql-server/sql-state-08001-error-17.html Should be fun!

Errors in a TNSNAMES.ORA file may make it unusable. Shortest program that continuously allocates memory Why wasn't Peter Pettigrew bound with an Unbreakable Vow? This step ensures that a certificate at a particular location in the client system will be stored only once in the key database.The name of the default key database file that Please come check out the session.

I wanted to share some basic tips to help get started in Communication function detecting the error: "sqlccSSLSocketSetup". Other APIs like embedded SQL and CLP are not being supported.Other important notes:Certificate-based authentication is supported on either SSL or TCPIP.The DB2 client side always initializes GSKit in FIPS mode. A shared keystore database and shared password or stash file is not a good security design for user authentication.

asked 8 years ago viewed 195788 times active 11 months ago Blog How Do Software Developers in New York, San Francisco, London and Bangalore… Linked 3 Oracle ORA-12154 error on local Otherwise, an error would be returned (that is, no attempt is made to use the default label of the keystore db). PKI is based on X.509 digital certificates and uses a trusted third party, a certificate authority (CA), to vouch for the identity of one or both ends of the connections. Communication function detecting the error: "sqlccSSLSocketSetup." Protocol specific error code(s): "410", "*", "*".

In public-key encryption, one key of the pair is kept secret (the private key), while the other is public (the public key). However, it does not come installed as a Windows service and consequently is not always running. Try enclosing the connect identifier in quote marks. A certificate is not secure until it is signed.

Data encrypted with one of these keys can only be decrypted by using the other key of the pair. It's a great place to start troubleshooting. SSL client authentication allows the server to confirm the client's identity after the client confirms the server's identity. How can I count Document library in Sites(SPWeb) Level?

In the Internet world, people expect websites and applications to sustain secure conversations with hundreds or even thousands of partners, rendering symmetric cryptography not a practical means by itself for securing