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Imaqdx Error


In some cases, I can even acquire images in MAX but not LabVIEW or CVI. Remove one of the conflicting settings. -1074395334 NI Vision does not support the Conversion Method value you supplied. -1074395333 NI Vision does not support the VerticalTextAlignment value you supplied. -1074395332 NI Valid range is 1 to 255. -1074395603 Invalid row step. If possible, try temporarily disabling the firewall. Source

Error Code Name Description -1074397183IMG_ERR_NCAPNI-IMAQ cannot perform the requested operation. -1074397182IMG_ERR_OVRNToo many interfaces open. -1074397181IMG_ERR_EMEMNot enough memory to perform the operation. -1074397180IMG_ERR_OSEROperating system error occurred. -1074397179IMG_ERR_PAR1 Function-specific; see function description. -1074397178IMG_ERR_PAR2 This is even true when using the same camera that was used on the development PC because IMAQdx will automatically assign a camera name to any new camera that it discovers.By This is not detrimental when decoding color in hardware. KnowledgeBase 5RE90D26: What Is the Difference Between NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx, and NI-IMAQ I/O? read this article

Imaqdx Error

All rights reserved. | Cart|Help KnowledgeBase Request Supportfrom an engineer NIHome > Support > KnowledgeBase English 11 ratings: 3.72 out of 5   Why Do If that does not work, tweak Color Burst Start and Color Burst Stop up and down by 5 pixel counts. The minimum bounding rectangle height must be >= 1. -1074395552 Not a valid character set. -1074395551 A trained OCR character cannot be renamed while it is a reference character. -1074395550 A Invalid Image Type I'm using the PCI-1409 board for acquiring color images from an NTSC camera.

Answered Your Question? Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? Related Links: KnowledgeBase 3SK8ALHB: Where Can I Find Details on IMAQ or Vision Error Codes?Developer Zone Example: Directly Accessing Camera Registers Using NI-IMAQ for 1934 - Visual BasicKnowledgeBase 2CE7SIYJ: What are Values must be integers greater 10. -1074395607 Invalid maximum number of features used per match.

Make sure that the camera is connected to the board and it is powered (this is the most common problem). They do not support classifying images. -1074395721 NI Vision does not support the bit depth you supplied for the image you supplied. -1074395720 Invalid ROI. -1074395719 Invalid ROI global rectangle. -1074395718 The hardware simply takes the color burst for a particular line and uses it as the reference. click site Valid values for the bounds range from 0 to 100 and the upper bound must be greater than or equal to the lower bound. -1074395623 Invalid scale range.

You can also find a description of the error in the help documentation for NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx, NI-IMAQ for IEEE 1394, or Vision. I enable in MAX the StillColor mode for "Composite" and set the channel to be an NTSC type of camera with RGB Color, I then perform a Snap or a Grab You must have the latest version of the control. -1074395281 Your image must be larger than its border size for this operation. -1074395280 The ROI must only have a single Rectangle Please see the available enumeration values for Multicore Operation. -1074395399 You have given Multicore Options an invalid argument. -1074395397 A complex image is required. -1074395395 The input image must be a

Imaqdx Error Codes

Character size must be >= 1. -1074395595 Invalid threshold mode value. -1074395594 Invalid substitution character. Troubleshoot the GigE camera using the same methods that you would use to troubleshoot other network connectivity problems. Imaqdx Error Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? Ni Error -1074396157 IMAQ Extract Buffer allows for the examination of the buffer during acquisition.

Valid upper threshold limits range from 0 to 255. -1074395584 The lower threshold limit must be less than the upper threshold limit. -1074395583 Invalid minimum character spacing value. this contact form Call imaqCountParticles on the image to create particle information. -1074395978 Invalid particle number. -1074395977 The AVI file was created in a newer version of NI Vision. You may also be able to acquire images with a color frame grabber (such as the National Instruments PCI-1411), but StillColor only gives this error. Acceptable values range from 0 to 50. -1074395329 NI Vision does not support the OutlineMethod value you supplied. -1074395328 NI Vision does not support the InterpolationMethod value you supplied. -1074395327 NI

The minimum kernel size is 3, the maximum kernel size is 1073741823 and the kernel size must be odd. -1074396020 Invalid grading mode. -1074396019 Invalid threshold percentage. Two processes cannot access the same resource and be time bounded. -1074396092 Multiple timed environments are not supported. -1074396091 A time limit cannot be started until the timed environment is initialized. This is very similar to what you see with the IMAQ Copy VI where the resolution is to set the immediate input to true. have a peek here The width must be an odd number greater than zero. -1074396056 Invalid matrix mirror mode. -1074396055 Invalid aspect ratio.

The example LL Ring in IMAQ Vision Display with Status.vi, stored in the IMAQ_error_codes zip file, is attached below. -1074397163While running an IMAQ-Vision example in LabVIEW 5.1, I see this message: Instead, set the initialMatchListLength and matchListReductionFactor in the MatchPatternAdvancedOptions structure. -1074395725 The data was stored with a newer version of NI Vision. LabVIEW by default uses StillColor mode Disabled and it does not follow the setting in MAX for this particular option.

Adjust this up or down by 5 pixel counts.

  • Enter an integer value. -1074395565 Requires a single-character string. -1074395564 Invalid predefined character value. -1074395563 This copy of NI OCR is unlicensed. -1074395562 String values are not valid for this attribute.
  • Each time I do a Snap or Grab, I get the error: IMG_ERR_NEPK: No external pixel clock.This error is most likely caused by a poor connection between your camera and your
  • Values must be greater than or equal to -1. -1074395632 Invalid minimum match separation angle.
  • Using an image constant or control will not allocate memory for the image; this can only be done with IMAQ Create.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Camera control lines sourced from the PG unit must be all tristate or all non-tristate. -1074396860IMG_ERR_BAD_PG_WAVEFORM_IDLE_STATEThe idle state for the pattern generation waveform is invalid. Upgrade to the latest version of NI Vision to read the character set file. -1074395572 You must specify characters for a string. Two processes cannot manage the same resource and be time bounded. -1074396093 A resource conflict occurred in the timed environment.

Please Contact NI for all product and support inquiries. Enter a Boolean value. -1074395561 The number of characters in the character value must match the number of objects in the image. -1074395560 Invalid object index. -1074395559 Invalid read option. -1074395558 control on the imgSessionAcquire.vi to false. Check This Out Try upgrading to the latest version of DirectX. -1074396008 An appropriate DirectX filter to process this file could not be found.

Values for the lower bound must be a positive real numbers and the upper bound must be greater than or equal to the lower bound. -1074395622 Invalid match geometric pattern setup